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It’s the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Charlie Brown! And Other Musings of the Season

Much as I love all the outdoor activities of the summer…

I am always a little relieved when the rainy days start. After the busyness and physical activity of the summer and early fall, our bodies are ready for some cozy indoor days. This is the time of year that my inner craft-gipsy gets to come out and play. It’s also the time that my kids work a little more closely to me and we get to have the wildest discussions.

The simplest questions, like “How do you know who goes first at a stop sign Mommy?” become exercises in hilarity when there are 4 and 8 year olds in the mix. And if you answer with “What a great question. What do you guys think?” Instead of giving them the answer from the DMV handbook straight off.

We also love to listen to audio-books while we are crafting Christmas presents or home decor.  Just now we are working our way through the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

And excitement of excitement, we are working on some videos, hopefully to be posted this week on our new You Tube channel! But in the meantime, here are a few peeks at our latest projects.

A few weeks ago I started seeing pumpkins decorated with succulents and fell a bit in love…IMG_20171112_151630723

I even considered buying one. But the $70 price tag kinda changed my mind. But, I had a pumpkin, from the after Halloween sale (I paid a whopping $2) and I have succulents in my yard, and of course dried flowers. I figured all I really needed to buy was some moss and maybe some greenery. For less than $20 I ended up with not one but several really great Thanksgiving Pumpkins. I think they will make a beautiful centerpiece for our dinner table.

With craft fair season upon us…


I have also been crafting all the ornaments and making soap by the boatload. I’ve never sold at fairs before, yet somehow got talked into two this year… Literally for weeks my table has been a pile of ornaments, paint, clay, holly berries and soap.


Meals have been …cozy… as we all scoot the ornament pile to one end and crowd our six chairs into a space big enough for about three, while trying not to eat soap. But the results are making me all wobbly knees. And thanks to non-toxic craft supplies, the kids are even getting in on the fun.


Well that’s a bit of what our life this month has looked like.

What changes do the rainy months bring to your home?

See you next time!


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