About Manda Ree

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by. I am a crazy-crunchy-homeschooling-farmer-momma (You know, the type that is so granola that she won’t buy granola.) I love reading, writing, learning, working with my man, playing with my kids-and doing all of that outside whenever possible. Because I am privileged to live in Northern California, it is possible much of the time.

On our farm we raise people (specifically four mini-humans that are quickly becoming less mini. We shall call them: Orion, Sage, Ember , and Leif.)  We also raise, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, and ducks, as well as vegetables of all shapes and sizes. This year, my sister, who is kind (or silly) enough to live next door to me, dove headfirst with me into the world of growing cut flowers.

Not content with what amounts to too-many jobs, our whole family has also has a few too-many creative genes than is probable good for our sanity, so we always have one, or twenty, projects in some stage of “happening-now.” In the midst of everything though, we always seek out the most natural, sustainable, life-building, healthy, and happy ways to do what we do. Life is always busy, sometimes kinda chaotic, and usually lots of fun.