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I am Manda Ree.  Welcome to my spot for sharing my crazy, fun, busy, natural life. On these pages you will find, in addition to my ramblings, three basic categories:

  • Homestead and Gardening
  • My thoughts and tips on living with a light footprint as naturally as possible
  • A collection of crafts and home decor.

When we started homesteading and then farming on a larger scale I realized…


There were large gaps in my knowledge of what were once common everyday skills. Over the years we have found answers to many of the most perplexing questions and I realized that for my sanity’s sake, I needed to start writing them down and organizing them somehow. I hope that you too can benefit from our collection.

In addition to homesteading…

IMG_20170904_150754509_BURST000_COVER_TOP (1)

I really love this crazy planet that sits in just the perfect spot for us humans to live comfortably – well, August isn’t always that great – and am passionate about doing my best to live well on our land, use resources wisely, choose nature over a laboratory when possible, and generally leave the world a better place for my children. I hope that on these pages you will be helped and challenged to take small steps toward doing the same.

And finally…


There is a gipsi somewhere deep in my soul that simply must create things. Whether arranging flowers, cooking up the bounty of the garden, or sewing, painting, or crafting something for our home, I have a deep drive to MAKE ALL THE THINGS. My husband thankfully suffers from the same affliction and not only puts up with but encourages my crafty side, and often joins me or contributes with his own set of artistic and woodworking skills. I hope you will join us in our creative endeavors.

Overall, I really hope that you will find these bits and pieces of my life helpful, inspirational, amusing, or at least interesting.



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