Natural Living

This world has so much that is beautiful and magical about it. Sunsets and butterflies and thunderstorms and even bright city lights can mesmerize. But the cold hard facts are that we are not doing a stellar job of caring for this marvelous planet that we have been gifted as our home. We have poisoned waters and land, destroyed habitat and thought little about the costs to those who will come after us. Though survival rates are better than ever, cancer diagnoses rates are expected to be about 1 in 2 soon. Autism and autoimmune disease rates are also steadily increasing. And by the way, did you know that current research suggests we may have less than 60 years of topsoil left on this big blue planet? No topsoil by the way means cancer and all the other diseases won’t matter because the more pressing matter will be: No food.

While I can’t single~handedly halt the spread of cancer rates, or stop all the soil from blowing off the world’s farms, I can care. I can do my part to walk softly and steward wisely my planet. Others are beginning to and discovering that our Earth was made to be remarkably resilient. Like them, I can take my caretaker’s position seriously and to the best of my ability live in harmony with nature. I can nurture my bit of Earth, leaving it better than it was when I came. And I can encourage my friends to do the same. Small changes reap big rewards. A mere 2% increase in the carbon content of our soils negates every greenhouse gas emission we emit.  And so, my hope is that this will be a place of inspiration and encouragement for each of us to keep caring~a whole awful lot.